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It’s simple - breaking down the science of stretch.
Stretching: surprisingly straightforward, and incredibly beneficial. Controlled stretching lengthens and relaxes short, tight muscles in order to release tension, increase range of motion and encourage blood circulation. Our innovative Flexology™ Stretching Methods can relieve anything from sore hamstrings to backache, all whilst improving flexibility and helping to prevent future injuries. And that’s just the beginning.

Dedicated recovery is just as important as the workout.

Whether you’re a cardio junkie, casual yogi or a first time gym-goer, incorporating stretching into your daily routine is vital to ensure an active lifestyle. Our stretching programmes are especially effective just before or after a workout, to activate or heal muscles, and are proven to boost fitness performance and help you to recover smarter.

Your body is aching for a proper stretch.

However your day unfolds, whether it’s an afternoon of back-to-back meetings or hours on the go, the power of stretch will set you up right. The physical benefits of stretching go hand-in-hand with a positive mental shift and you’ll leave your stretch radiating from the inside out.

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Don’t just take our word for it..

Wonderful new post workout studio with friendly and experienced staff. 
Clean, professional and highly helpful!

Joti Birdi - Sports Journalist

This isn’t just stretching, it’s (as fluffy and indulgent as it may sound) crucial self-care that your body will massively thank you for.

Daily Dose

Thank goodness I have Flexology to help me keep my body in check with all the teaching + extra classes I’ve been doing for SoulCup. I need strength but I also need mobility and that’s always the bit that I forget.

Liv Hawthorne (Soul Cycle instructor)

I have had mobility issues with my knee ever since I had ACL surgery. I came to the Flexology Studio and was seen by Tim. He went showed me mobility exercises for my knee and hips, both of which improved my mobility in my knee and hips. I did not even know that my hips were soo tight until I came to Tim’s session. I definitely recommend the Flexology Studio. Thanks Tim.

George Amaechi

I had an appointment with Tamara on the 06/12/19 in anticipation for a fitness test. She very accurately located an area in my calf that was causing me trouble, massaged and stretched it and even showed me various stretching techniques I can do myself at home. On top of that, she coached me through some foam roller exercises which has really helped too. Tamara was absolutely excellent and I couldn’t recommend her and the Flexology team more.

Nathan C

This is exactly what the fitness industry has been missing! Tim was super experienced and tailored the session for my fitness goals and taking into account a long standing injury. My body felt stronger than ever!

Amy Jones

Just had an amazing Flexology stretch. Shoutout to Brandon who stretched me so I walked out a foot taller

Marc Antolin (actor)

Made me realise how important a good stretch can can be. I felt tight before hand, then light and more flexible after. Oh well that was fantastic!

Chris Baxter (Barry’s instructor and fitness model)

A stretch I could actually feel! Being naturally a bit more flexible I can never normally feel the full stretch so this did wonders

Kaila Lai (Blogger and fitness model)

Amazing results for my back and shoulders. Particularly after lifting weights or too many hours compressing my spine at the desk

Nkechi (Nutritional Therapist)

Flexology is the place to get a good active stretch, release tension & stiffness, and prevent potential injuries. Stretching has so many benefits for your health, don’t neglect it!

Lucie Ags (Barry’s France Founding Trainer)

I was stretched by Andreas who was extremely professional and down to earth, able to connect with me and tune in what my body needed. It’s important to counteract the negative things we do to our body such as desk sitting.

Claire Pallister (Myofascial Therapist)

I normally don’t stretch long, less than 10 minutes if I’m honest! This is part of our active lifestyle, this is so important if you want to carry on a healthy lifestyle. This place is so gorgeous, feel extremely welcomed once I step my foot in.

India Morse (deaf fitness blogger)

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