Your Flexpert will start by assessing your flexibility, along with discussing future goals and past injuries in order to customise a stretching session unique to you. Your Flexpert will guide you through every step of your session, ensuring you are completely comfortable at all times. We will use a combination of both gentle and active movements along with deep stretching to release muscle tension and leave you feeling fantastic.

Can you become more flexible at any age? By Hania Tayara

In short, absolutely yes. Before delving into this further, it may be helpful to define flexibility: Flexibility is the range of motion at a single joint or a collection of joints. More simply,

5 things I wish I knew when I started flexibility training By Hania Tayara

I first discovered I was flexible in ballet class when I was six years old. I noticed it was relatively easy to slide into my splits and my teacher could painlessly push me down into a flat pancake st

Stretching as a form of mindfulness By Hania Tayara

Practising mindfulness has become increasingly important over the past year and a half. With all the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, the ability to take a step back and be present has become m