With one-to-one bodywork, our Flexperts are able to guide your body into deeper stretches that are impossible to  achieve alone. Flexology™ Stretching Method is designed to help you release tension in hard to reach muscles in the most efficient and safe way. We use a systematic approach to identify imbalances in your body and help to create symmetry. We not only work with your muscles but also with your nerves that results in long-lasting results.

Can you become more flexible at any age? By Hania Tayara

In short, absolutely yes. Before delving into this further, it may be helpful to define flexibility: Flexibility is the range of motion at a single joint or a collection of joints. More simply,

5 things I wish I knew when I started flexibility training By Hania Tayara

I first discovered I was flexible in ballet class when I was six years old. I noticed it was relatively easy to slide into my splits and my teacher could painlessly push me down into a flat pancake st

Stretching as a form of mindfulness By Hania Tayara

Practising mindfulness has become increasingly important over the past year and a half. With all the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, the ability to take a step back and be present has become m