How can assisted stretching improve my fitness performance?

Stretching can be incredibly effective to improve your fitness performance and overall endurance: think of it as preparing your muscles in the best possible way to be challenged. Working it into your routine, either pre or post workout, boosts strength and helps you recover smarter.

How is assisted stretching different to Yoga/Pilates?

It’s different to yoga or Pilates as our exercises incorporate static stretching, with the help of our custom-made beds or chairs, allowing the body to fully relax and helping to release muscles tension on a whole new level. Moreover, assisted stretching can support your Yoga/Pilates practice by balancing your body out, increasing muscle awareness and helping you go through your movements with more ease.

Should I stretch before or after a workout?

Our stretching programmes are equally effective both pre or post workout. Before a workout we will use specific stretching techniques to activate the muscles and increase the blood flow, and after a workout we can help to relax muscles, calm down the nervous system and prevent build-ups of lactic acid.

Why can’t I just stretch myself?

With one-to-one bodywork, our Flexperts are able to guide your body into deeper stretches that are impossible to  achieve alone. Flexology™ Stretching Method is designed to help you release tension in hard to reach muscles in the most efficient and safe way. We use a systematic approach to identify imbalances in your body and help to create symmetry. We not only work with your muscles but also with your nerves that results in long-lasting results.

What certification do your Flexperts have?

Each of our Flexperts require a minimum of 3-5 years extensive experience in their chosen field before undertaking a rigorous training programme in Flexology™ Stretching Methods with our Master Flexpert.

What should I wear to my session?

Please wear socks and comfortable clothing, either loose fitting or stretchy, that won’t restrict your movement! We also have specifically designed Flexology clothing available to buy or rent in our studio, perfect for if you come straight from work and don’t have an opportunity to change.

What should I expect from my first session?

Your Flexpert will start by assessing your flexibility, along with discussing future goals and past injuries in order to customise a stretching session unique to you. Your Flexpert will guide you through every step of your session, ensuring you are completely comfortable at all times. We will use a combination of both gentle and active movements along with deep stretching to release muscle tension and leave you feeling fantastic.

Are there specific foods or drinks that will help my stretching programmes?

At the Flexology studio we have our very own custom cafe, XLAB, with a specially designed menu to accompany our different stretch sessions. Our innovative range of food and drinks have been specifically created to support your flexibility and lifestyle goals.