Can you become more flexible at any age? By Hania Tayara

In short, absolutely yes. Before delving into this further, it may be helpful to define flexibility: Flexibility is the range of motion at a single joint or a collection of joints. More simply, stretching a part of your body involves certain muscles lengthening and relaxing. The process of increasing this range of movement requires both […]

5 things I wish I knew when I started flexibility training By Hania Tayara

I first discovered I was flexible in ballet class when I was six years old. I noticed it was relatively easy to slide into my splits and my teacher could painlessly push me down into a flat pancake stretch. At the time, this didn’t mean much to me and I just enjoyed having good lines […]

Stretching as a form of mindfulness By Hania Tayara

Practising mindfulness has become increasingly important over the past year and a half. With all the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, the ability to take a step back and be present has become more essential than ever.

What does sitting do to the hips and glutes and how can we fix it?By Gemma Mushington

We’re all very aware of how sitting for long periods of time is harmful to our posture – especially when it comes to the upper body. Imagine yourself sitting at your desk/on the sofa/on your bed – wherever you’re working from – after an hour… You can see yourself hunched over, neck craned out and […]

Top 5 running tips to help you prevent injuries and improve your run (PART 2) By Laura Dalby

TIP 4: HEEL LIFT Are you a shuffler? Shuffling is when we barely lift the feet off the floor and can sometimes even sound like a shuffle. This isn’t the best technique for running as you are predominantly using your calf muscles, smaller muscles to take the load of running. The muscles we should be […]

Top 5 running tips to help you prevent injuries and improve your run By Laura Dalby

RUNNING 5KM FOR NHS? Top 5 running tips to help you prevent injuries and improve your run TIP 1: USE YOUR ARMS – Helps you drive forward – Supports strong core – Assists the legs: whole body works together – Takes focus off tired legs – More efficient and prevents injuries TECHNIQUE – Tuck thumbs […]